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The uCore support library

The ucore library provides input / output support for the µCore module when programmed using the GNU gcc compiler. Most of the functions are specific to the µCore, however some are based on standard C library functions. In this case the emphasis is on providing a level of functionality which is both appropriate and useful in an embedded system environment rather than strict adherence to the ANSI specification.

The ucore library consists of a number of internal modules. This allows the linker to link only those modules of the library that your application actually uses. Each module has its own include file, however you can include all the functionality of the ucore library using a single include in your application source file as follows:

#include <ucore.h>

The modules of the ucore library are:

Module include file Description
adc adc.h Support for the analog to digital converter
com com.h Support for the async serial port
ctype ctype.h Standard character identification & translation
delay delay.h Soft delay function
h83664 h83664.h Definitions to aid access to the H8 register set
ucdefs ucdefs.h Misc useful definitions& declarations
port port.h Support for manipulation of digital I/O
pwm pwm.h Support for 8 bit pulse width modulation
sprintf sprintf.h Standard formatted print to string
string string.h String manipulation functions
ucon ucon.h Support to the I2C protocol on the uConnect bus
uterm uterm.h Specific high level support for the uTerm
xprintf xprintf.h Base level standard printf like functionality.

Note that the inclusion of the header file does not cause the linker to include the module in the final code, only a call to a function in the module will do that. For this reason it is safe to include header files for modules you do not actually require, no extra code will be added unless you make a call to a specific module.

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