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µPod User Manual


The µPod is a compact and easy to use serial programming interface for the PICulator bootstrap loader. In combination with the PICulator/µFlash Driver it allows in-circuit programming of PICulator enabled PIC16F876/877s.


Connection to PC

While the µPod can be plugged directly into the 9 pin serial port of the PC, it is most likely that you will operate it through a serial cable. For this you will need a 9 way, male to female straight through cable, this is a common serial cable for PCs and is also available from Pond.

Connection to the Target

Connection to the target is via the 4 pin socket at the end of the µPod, this is designed to plug directly into a 4 pin header mounted on the target board. The µPod draws its power from the target board.

Programming the Target

Once connected to the target, with the target power applied you can now program the target using the µFlash/PICulator driver program. Once programmed the µPod can be removed. The target can be reprogrammed at any time simply reconnecting the µPod and repeating the programming procedure.


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