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µS-BS2 Embedded Controller User Manual

The µS-BS2

Low cost and ease of software development has made the BASIC Stamp (BS2) controller a popular choice for embedded systems.The µS-BS2 combines the power of the BASIC Stamp with µStack unparalleled ease of hardware development. The µS-BS2 can be connected to any of the growing range of µStack interface boards simply stacking them above (or below) as required.


Software development for the µS-BS2

The µS-BS2 is completely compatible with the Parallax BASIC Stamp II development system. To develop software on the µS-BS2, connect to a PC using an appropriate serial cable (supplied with the µS-BS2 starter Kit), ensure that a link is in place at jmp3-ATN and run the development software as described in the BASIC Stamp II user manual. PBASIC programs are downloaded from the PC and stored in on board EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory). The program then runs automatically whenever the µS-BS2 is powered up. To reprogram the µS-BS2 simply reconnect the PC and download a new program. (Please see the Basic Stamp User Manual for details of the development environment)


Power Connector

The µS-BS2 accepts a 9V to 14V DC supply connected to the J2 (3 pin Molex KK) connector. Each µS-BS2 is supplied with power leads for easy connection to a suitable power source.


µStack Header

The BS2 provides 16 multifunction digital I/O lines for application use. All of these lines are available through the µStack header for instant connection to any of the µStack range of interface boards.


Serial Host Interface

The µS-BS2 relies on PC based host software to allow you to write, edit, download and debug PBASIC programs. The PC communicated with the µS-BS2 through an RS232 serial connection to the µS-BS2 host serial interface. The serial host interface may also be used by your application if you remove Jmp3-ATN. Note that this jumper must be reinstalled whenever you wish to load a new program onto the µS-BS2 using the Parallax development software.


Jmp1/Jmp2 P0PU/P1PU

You may connect a 2K2 pull up resistor to P0 or P1 by inserting a link at jmp1 or jmp2 respectively. While primarily intended for future use , a pull up resistor is often useful on an I/O line to ensure a known state on the pin during power up.



µStack Header and pin assignment

Serial LCD interface

The µS-BS2 includes a five pin header for convenient connection to serial LCD modules. Although five pins are provided to match the header on the LCD modules, only three connections are actually necessary, these are +5V,Gnd and Data. The data pin on the LCD interface is connected to the P1 pin of the BS2.


µs-BS2 Schematic

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