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µS-IT8 Input Terminator Board User Manual


The µS-IT8 input terminator board provides eight filtered and protected input channels for direct interfacing between the µStack and many common sensors. For convenience and reliability, connection to the sensor is by high quality pluggable screw terminal.

Input Signal Conditioning

Each input has a built in 4K7 pull up resistor, low pass RC filter and protection Zener diode. Note that each pair of input channels share a common ground connection.

µS-IT8 Configuration

The µS-IT8 configuration is by jumper selection. Care should be taken to ensure that a single channel is not selected twice.

Interfacing to switch based sensors

The µS-IT8 provides direct interface between switch based sensors and any µStack digital input line. Example sensors are: limit switches, thermal switches, pressure switches, level switches, tilt switches, vibration switches, proximity switches and photo switches. Some forms of flow sensors and digital position sensors may also be used with the µS-IT8.

Interfacing to analog sensors

µStack processor boards with analog input capability (such as the µFlash876) can also use the IT8 to interface directly to some analog sensors, including thermistors and photo-resistors.

Interfacing to powered sensors

Some sensors require 12V power to operate, the µS-IT provides screw terminal access to µStack power to facilitate easy powering of this kind of sensor.


Application Ideas

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