Embedded Systems Product Catalogue

Embedded Controller Boards

A range of embedded computers specifically designed for small to medium scale embedded applications. The popular µFlash876B is based on the Microchip PIC16F876 and features a built in bootloader, µStack and µConnect interfaces.

The new µCore3664 is based on the powerful 16 bit H8/3664 processor and is supported by the GNU GCC C compiler and ucore libraries supplied with the starter kit.

µStack Interface Boards

Plug and Play interfacing for embedded systems. The µStack system features a standard PCB format and stackable I/O bus interface. Build a complete hardware system is seconds, simply stack the required interfaces on top of a µStack compatible controller board. The range includes a prototyping board, darlington driver board, relay board & input terminator board.

µConnect Bus Interface Boards

The ultimate I2C expansion system, buffered I2C allows full speed (100Kbits/sec) communications up to 30m. Standard, low cost, RJ45-UTP patch cables carry both signal and power. Each I/O board has two RJ45 connectors allowing easy daisy chaining of up to 16 modules. We already have available a prototype board and an intelligent LCD/keyboard module. Also under development is a smart RCServo motor controller with others to follow.

Microcontroller Development Systems

Easy PIC16F876/877 development using the PICulator bootstrap loader. Download your code directly to the PIC microcontroller without removing it from your target hardware. No PIC programmer required, just a simple RS232 interface. The PICulator bootloader is available FREE for personal, educational and evaluation purposes.

Software & Compilers

The CCS PCM C compiler for the Microchip PIC family of microcontrollers. Generates fast efficient native PIC code, includes library support for common interfacing requirements. Ideal for use with the µFlash876/876B and the PICulator bootloader.

Components & Accessories

A range of useful items for embedded system development including: ICs, Serial LCDs, Connectors, Cables, PSUs, Hardware etc.