rf low energy wireless tranciever fcc certified bluetooth ble 4.0 module

Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
RF-BM-S01 ble 4.0 module
BLE ble 4.0 module
TI CC2540
BLE Protocol:
Max +4dBm(2.5mW)
Supply Voltage:
2.0~3.6V DC,The voltage higher than 3.6V is forbidden
Antenna Type:
PCB,50Ω characteristic impedance
Supply Ability:
100000 Piece/Pieces per Month ble 4.0 module
Packaging Details
RF-BM-S01 ble 4.0 module packed in corrugated cases with antistatic sponges

Product Description

rf low energy wireless transceiver fcc certified Bluetooth ble 4.0 module


        Our Advantages:I

        1-Experenced in RF design module r

        2-Software and wireless protocols development 

        3-Well equiped VHF/UHF test labs m

        4-Well certified manufacturing facility low energy module

        5-Acknowledged by 1 brands home and abroad S01_01.jpg


         Features:19200bps,38400bps,57600bps,115200bps 9600bps,Shutdown current 0.5uA

         RF-BM-S01 is a Bluetooth Low Energy data module built on basis of the TI CC2540 which is

         embedded with an 8051 MCU. The module comes with the transparent transmission firmware

         and has reserved serial ports for further development.RF-BM-S01 is with CC2540 on-board and

CERTIFICATIONS:CE RED,RoHS,BQB-EPL RF-BM-S01A is with CC2541 on-board. They are pin-to-pin compatible.


 MCU in sleep,wireless closed,VCC=3.3V Transmitting current 24mAsecurity nsustrial control

Parameter item Parameter details
Frequency Band 2400~2483.5MHz,Adjustable
Frequency Error ±50KHz
PCB 4-layer,Impedance-matching, lead-free
Operation Range 80m,Open area; +4dBm;Height: 2m; Baud rate: 9600bps
Baud rate 6 level:4800bps, 9600bps,19200bps,38400bps,57600bps,115200bps
Shutdown current 0.5uA,MCU in sleep,wireless closed,VCC=3.3V
Transmitting current 24mA
Receiving current 19.6mA,3.3V
Communication interface IO
Transmitting length 20 bytes,BLE
Receiving length 20 bytes,BLE
RSSI support Available
Operating temperature -20 ~ +60℃,Industrial-grade
Operating humidity 10% ~ 90%,Relative humidity, without condensation
Storage temperature -55 ~ +85℃,Industrial-grade
Sensitivity -93dBm@+4dBm


 Receiving current 19.6mA 3.3V Transmitting length 20 bytes BLE Receiving length 20 bytes RSSI support 


 Available Antenna type PCB 50Ω characteristic impedance Operating temperature -20 ~ +60



 Industrial-grade Operating humidity 10% ~ 90% Relative humidity, without condensation 

Founded in 2010, RF Star is a world leading IoT communication & sensing solution provider. It offers modules

and turn-key solutions over BLE, WiFi, Zigbee, Sub 1GHz, NB-IoT, LoRa and RFID etc., for a wide variety of

consumer, industrial and military scenarios.

 -55 ~ +85℃ Industrial-grade Sensitivity -93dBm@+4dBm The Bluetooth Low Energy modules can work in 

RFStar engineers are proud of the innovation culture and down-to-earth professional spirit. We built our

products on top of solid vertical integration of agile R&D and lean manufacturing. All the products shall be

shipped from RFStar only after their quality is justified by exhaustive validations and relevant regulations are

compliant. Our endeavor was well accredited by industrial leaders such as Texas Instrument, Nordic,

Broadcom, Huawei and Realtek etc.

 bridge mode (transparent transmission mode) and direct-drive mode. After being started, the module can broadcast 

Our Factory

 automatically , and the Smart phone scan and pair with it. When the connection is successfully built, the smart 



What We Can Offer







 phone can monitor and control the module through Bluetooth protocols. In bridge mode, the user’s MCU can 

FAQ&Related Products

FAQ communicate with the mobile device bi-directionally via module’s UART. Users can also manage and control certain communication parameters with specific serial port AT commands.The specific me

Q: Are you the original factory?odule nrf51822 module bluetooth transmitter module ble module bluetooth hid m

A: Yes,this module designed&developed&produced by our company(RF-star).We have engineers team to provide the technology guidance. 

aning of 

nsceiver module rf module 433 rf 433mhz module 433mhz rf 

 the user’s data is defined by the application layer. The mobile device can write the module with the APP. And

Q: How am I sure about the quality?the data written will be sent to the user MCU through serial ports.

A:Then the module will transmit the data package from user MCU to the mobile devices automatically.Under 

   1-All RF-star products are assured to be authentic and built upon tier 1 component vendors.

   2-Our facility is ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified.receiver module rf module 433mhz radio module

   3-Our former shipment underwent severe test of FCC, CE/CB, ETSI, ARIB, RoHS and REACH.

   4-All of our products are subject to the complete QA processes such as DQA, SQA, IQC and OQC etc.

   5-Our after-market service system also reserved optimal mechanism to ensure any quality issue

floated after shipment to be addressed promptly.bluetooth module rf long distance transmitter module

 the development in this mode, the developer has to write codes for the master CPU of the module and to 

Q: Do you provide OEM service? transceiver module digital power amplifier module smart home automation wifi 

A: RF-star is open to such business. Clients would be appreciated for providing detailed requirement

documents for review in the very beginning.module android module low cost rf transmitter module electronic

fm receiver module cpu module transmission control module rf transceiver module 2.4ghz wireless transmitter receiver 

Q: Any other service?module amplifier 433.92mhz wireless rf receiver module bluetooth module 5v low cost rf 

A:module active amplifier module rf tx rx module electronic module internet radio module long range rf transceiver module 

   1-Technical advisory service 1km wireless transmitter and receiver module smart watch module fm receiver 

   2-Ready-made communication and sensing modules amplifier module 2.1 power amplifier module fm radio

   3-Tailor-make RF design, hardware and software development am fm radio module iot module module home 

   4-Development kit and reference design module radio fm module rf module wireless module 433mhz rf module 

   5-Test equipment and testing solution advisory i2s bluethooth module serial bluetooth module amplifier module 

 bluetooth module bluetooth low energy module micro bluetooth module module Bluetooth bluetooth 4.0 module bluetooth serial bluetooth module cheap bluetooth module nrf51822 module bluetooth 

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